Aged care residents’ rights and responsibilities

Just in case you haven’t seen them before, there is a suite of rights and responsibilities for those receiving residential care in an aged care facility that is set out under the federal Aged Care Act 1997 Schedule 1 User Rights Principles 2014.

If you have a concern about these rights or responsibilities, the best agency to address those to is the federal Department of Health’s Ageing and Aged Care. However, if your queries are more about accessing aged care services for older or infirm people, you should visit the My Aged Care website or call 1800 200 422.

If you have experiences that do not meet these rights or responsibilities, please go to the appropriate section of this site to let us know what your experience has been. The site’s sections are listed on the left-hand side of each web page.

Conversation starter

Have these residential aged care rights and responsibilities been spelled out to you or your loved one? Have you ever been witness to one or more breaches of these rights? What additional things could be added to these lists of rights and responsibilities?

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