Why no NDIS for over-65s?

Why are the over 65s not able to belong to NDIS? We are just as important as the under 65s.

We need to be able to afford to buy mobility scooters and wheelchairs in order to be more independent and be able to get out of the house more often. Continue reading


NDIS for younger people in aged care


Governments have said they will spend an extra $11 billion a year on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

But many people under the age of 65 years residing in aged care facilities may miss out on receiving support due to communication barriers, a lack of access to information, little or no assistance to navigate the process plus a diminished understanding of their own functional and health needs.

In this Australian Ageing Agenda web article, an NDIS expert with inside knowledge – who now works away from the agency – is calling on aged care providers to ensure younger residents are connected to the NDIS and receive the financial and personal support they require.

Conversation starter

Have you – or someone for whom you care – had difficulty navigating the requirements of the NDIS? Were you able to receive advice and assistance that progressed the application being made? What was the outcome? Were there any delays? 

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