State and territory government policies and services


Each of Australia’s states and territories has a number of policies and services for older and infirm citizens. Below are the links to a selection of official policies and services in each jurisdiction.


New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory



South Australia

Northern Territory

Western Australia

Conversation starter

Have you – or anyone you have cared for – experienced issues with State or Territory governments, either in relation to policies or services? What were the consequences of those policy or service issues? Were you able to resolve those issues? How were you supported through this process?

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Federal Government policies


The Federal Government publishes a number of resources online that explain how aged care options, regulations and reforms are working.

These include:

Aged Care: A quick guide

‘Caring for the elderly’ – an overview of aged care support and services in Australia

Guides and policies

Aged care reform


Conversation starter

How easy have you or someone for whom you care found navigating your way through aged care options? Did you have good access to sources of timely information and advice? Have you or someone for whom you care advocated for change as part of the Federal Government’s aged care reform process? What were your experiences?

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About this site



This website, Your Say on Aged Care, is your chance to share what you have seen or experienced – good or bad. It is also a chance for those who ultimately will craft and make decisions about where to from here to:

  • understand your concerns via concrete examples
  • value those things that are working
  • implement constructive change.

While we have begun with five key sections and many more sub-sections, these may grow over the duration of this project, so if you cannot find a space for your contribution, send one anyway and we will ensure it finds the right home.

We invite you to explore the various sections and to check out the Resources section which has additional links to relevant media coverage around aged care issues.

It is planned that the Your Say On Aged Care website will have a limited life. We plan for it to be active until at least year’s end, but we have been informed that legislation is being formulated throughout 2018 with a report due to be compiled by the end of June and draft legislation due to be presented to Parliament in September. So, the earlier you submit, the greater the chance your voice will be heard.

Please read the Submission instructions prior to telling us about your experiences.



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This site has been set up for older and infirm Australians, their families, carers and friends – as well as those working in this sector – to share their experiences ahead of the Federal Government’s next moves on aged care regulation.

Your input will be invaluable as a way to let Canberra publicly know what the issues are at the coalface. You will be helping us show policymakers and politicians what really needs to be addressed.

If you browse through each of the site’s sections, you will get a feel for some of the issues raised by others. Each page has a conversation-starter and usually at least one link to a news story, report or other relevant information. Just click on the link above to have Your Say on Aged Care in Australia.

We invite negative and positive insights about residential, in-home or community aged care that you or a loved one has experienced. We also welcome input from those tasked with providing that care.

NOTE: Please read the Submission instructions before contributing.

This website is an initiative of Older People Speak Out, an all-volunteer group of retired and semi-retired professionals who advocate on behalf of Australians aged over 50 years. We are an independent, free-spirited group with the experience, knowledge and qualifications to speak out on older people’s issues without fear or favour. OPSO has been going strong for 25+ years and you can find out more about us at, where you can become a member for just $10 a year.

UPDATE: Now that a Royal Commission has been called into Aged Care, Older People Speak Out will be making a submission that includes the posts on this site.