War injury payment eroded

My father receives a disability payment from Veterans Affairs for an injury received due to service in the Australian Armed Services.

The Department of Human Services are taking a large portion to pay for his aged care due to his age-induced dementia. Continue reading

Medication over-servicing

My 99-year-old mum has just recently passed in an aged care facility.

She was diagnosed with dementia about 3 years ago and she spent a year in a facility. They were lovely people who cared for her but they drugged her with schizephrenia drugs to keep her from wandering around at night. Continue reading

Why not pay families to care?

I care for my mum who is 99 years of age. I was assessed and rejected for a carer’s payment. I only receive a carers allowance from the Government.

Yet my mum can get services from an aged care provider who charge us a fee of $95-110 for a home visit from a physio for (a visit of) under half hour, plus an administration fee of $300 to maintain my mum’s file. Continue reading