Problems witnessed in aged care

My wife developed early onset alzheimer’s in 2004. By 2009, her cognitive impairment had reached a stage where she suffered with apathy, paranoia and hallucinations.

She spent 3 months in care facilities in 2010, 5 months in 2011 and permanently from 2012 until her death in 2017. Continue reading


Not what was promised

We received a call from our mother’s aged care facility around breakfast time one Friday that she was on her way to hospital after having breathing difficulties overnight. She passed away late the next day, in early November 2016. The emergency department doctors said the likely cause of her admission to hospital┬áthe day prior was “aspiration pneumonia”. (This condition occurs when food, saliva, liquids, or vomit is breathed into the lungs or airways leading to the lungs, instead of being swallowed into the oesophagus and stomach.) Continue reading