Untreated wound proved fatal

I worked in the aged care sector for many years. I left when I could not longer care for our residence with care and dignity. The day showers where timed and feeding timed I knew I had to get out.

I took my mother in-law out of a aged care facility 3years ago as it was nothing less then a concentration camp. The care, meal, activities.

One of many stories: my mother in-law called us one night when we were away on holidays and said that her husband’s legs were covered in bandages and they stank.

I called the home and the Director of Nursing (DON) informed me my father-in-law had a little (skin) tear and (it was) nothing to worry about.

Two days later (my mother-in-law) called us again and said the whole room stank and no one had changed his bandages.

I called his doctor who requested the home call and ambulance to take him direct to hospital. The next day the nursing home called for an ambulance.

The doctor at the hospital told us it was the worst case of gangrene he had seen in years. We lost him not long after.

On the day he died, the DON asked us would we be taking our mother-in-law home from the home, we informed her yes, we would be.

She asked us to hurry up and get her belongings out as they wanted to get the room cleaned, this is while my father-in-law’s body still laid in the room.

Lower Hunter Valley