No time for quality care

The major problem with aged care, especially in care facilities, are staff numbers.

It’s ridiculous to expect staff to care for the numbers they are forced to rush through on every shift.

This means there is no quality of care, no time for staff to give individuals that little bit of extra time. It’s rush, rush, rush.

This is a total disaster & simply means there will always be mistakes made by staff who are constantly pushed for time.

Night shifts, with possibly only 2 staff for 30 or more residents is horrendous. How is it that our aged don’t even receive the same amount of care as inmates of jails?

The are aged care facilities that turn heating off overnight to save money, which is disgusting. Many supply substandard meals to residents.

A total overhaul of aged care facilities in Australia require an immediate overall & staff numbers must be increased on every shift.

North Central Victoria