Medication over-servicing

My 99-year-old mum has just recently passed in an aged care facility.

She was diagnosed with dementia about 3 years ago and she spent a year in a facility. They were lovely people who cared for her but they drugged her with schizephrenia drugs to keep her from wandering around at night.

After about 6 weeks of this she turned into zombie who couldn’t even lift a spoon to her mouth anymore. She had been good up till that time and she died 2 months later, never having recovered from this medication.

I understand this drug was an experiment I feel but surely more study needs to be done on elderly patients before they give these heavy prescriptions. They had to withdraw it gradually but, by this time, it was too late and she never was herself again as we knew her.

She lost her beautiful smile which was always evident all day long to everyone and she talked to everyone and was only confused about where she was at times and a bit fearful of being alone at night.

Hope this helps and just one more thing: the pharmacy that was supplying the medication constantly overcharged us with the amount of pills they were supplying.

Things which were (prescribed) for 90 days were being dispensed again within a month and they used the most expensive single-dose pain medication instead of buying in bulk. which we had asked for.  Nearly every month we had to complain about more medication being ordered that was not needed.

Sydney, NSW