Daunted by prospect of care

I am full-time carer to my wife who is in her 6th year post-diagnosis (Alzheimer’s disease).

In the past 12 months or so we have used respite care 4 times – once for medical reasons when I had surgery, and 3 times when I took short breaks from caring.

It took some time for me to find a respite provider who I felt was of the standard I required.

The chosen provider has been good – not excellent – as I feel that no provider can attain that mark.

The fixed charging rate for respite care with Government subsidy is much appreciated. The provision of such a service for carers is a life-saver and a sanity-protector to make use of from time to time.

I am daunted by the prospect in the not-too-distant future of arranging permanent care for my wife. I hope to work through that exercise with assistance from family.

South-East Melbourne