Resident meals (including fluids)


The headline said it all: Prisoners fed better than Aussies in aged care homes.

Shocking new data unveiled earlier this year showed Australian aged care facilities spent an average of just $6.08 per resident to provide three meals a day, down by 30 cents per resident per day over the previous year.

By comparison, prisons spent an average of $8.25 per prisoner per day on food and aged care facilities overseas were increasing their spending on food for residents.

Other Australians spend $17.25-$23.60 per person each day on food. It’s no wonder half of our nation’s 64,256 residents in aged care facilities suffer from malnutrition.

Malnutrition is associated with a cascade of adverse outcomes, including increased risk of falls, pressure injuries and hospital admissions. Inevitably, malnutrition leads to poorer resident quality of life and increased healthcare costs.

Conversation starter

Have you or a loved one noticed the decline in the amount and/or quality of food or fluids being served in your aged care facility? How long has any decline been evident? Are supplements and/or food replacements being used instead of real food? Are you – or a family member or friend – routinely bringing food to someone in an aged care facility?

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