Property loss or damage


Theft and property loss can be distressing and even cause financial difficulties for those in residential aged care, yet missing or misplaced clothing, broken treasures, stolen jewellery, broken medical aids that are depended on, money taken – or used inappropriately – are frequently spoken of by residents, families and carers.

Sometimes an external player is responsible, as in this Melbourne story from The Age, but more often the perpetrator works in, resides in or visits the facility where the damage or loss took place.

Conversation starter

Tell us about any experience you, a loved one or someone you have cared for has had with property loss or damage while they were a resident in an aged care facility. Was the item repaired, replaced or found intact? If not, were you or your loved one compensated for the loss or damage? Did the loss or damage happen more than once? What was the resident’s reaction? What steps did the aged care facility take to prevent this happening in future?

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